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Notary Public FAQs


What is a Notary Public?

Notary Publics are state appointed public officials who provide services to all of the public. Notary Public verify a persons identity using their identification and then takes acknowledgment, or witnesses, the individuals signature. Other duties of a Notary Public include administering an oath prior to the subscribing of a signature. Notaries Public do not provide legal advice or legal assistance, prepare documents, or verify that documents are accurate, legitimate, true or legally/contractually binding. California Notary Publics only verify a persons identity, signature, and administer oaths as required.

How much do Notary Public services cost?

Pricing for Mobile Notary Services are at the discretion of the individual Notary Public, and are subject to agreement by the client before services are rendered. The fees vary based on many factors such as distance travelled, number of documents being notarized, and other factors of each service requested. The State of California mandates a maximum fee per signature which all California Notaries Public must abide by, which is currently $15 per signature since January 01, 2017. However, notaries are allowed to charge for any additional services such as travel, printing, mailing, etc. $15 per signature is the maximum that a client must pay if the Notary Public does not provide any additional service, AND is not required to travel, such as at a post office or bank.

Why are documents notarized?

Many documents are required to be notarized, this is often because it is used to verify that the person named in the document did indeed sign and execute the document, and is legally the person they claim to be. Sometimes notarization is opted for on a document that does not legally require it to prove that person(s) signed a document in front of a impartial public official. Some businesses require notarization when their clients are unable to be present in their office when signing a document, in order to protect their interest and verify that the document was indeed executed by the correct person.

Why can blank documents not be notarized?

One of the requirements for notarization of a document is that the document be complete and not obviously missing any information. This is due to legal requirements by the State of California, and to ensure that a notarized document is not modified or fraudulently changed after the person legally signed and executed it. Incomplete documents can be edited or altered in manners in which the signer did not intend to sign.

Can Notaries Public refuse to notarize for me?

No. Notaries Public are prohibited from declining to notarize for a member of the public if they are presented with a proper request, legal identification, and proper documents. The only reason a Notary Public may refuse service is failure on behalf of the signer to meet the requirements for proper notarization, or refusal of the signer to pay the Notary Public’s fee. If a proper request is made, and the fee is presented, a Notary Public cannot legally refuse to notarize.

Is Notary Public the same thing as Notario Publico?

NO! Notary Public’s in the United States are very different than the role of the Notario Publico. Notario Publicos are more of lawyers, and Notaries Public in California are not lawyers and cannot practice law or give legal advice. It is prohibited that Notary Public ever be translated to Notario Publico by a commissioned California Notary Public.

What are your hours and availability?

We are available 24/7 by appointment. As long as we have the availability to accommodate your request, we will assist with providing mobile Notary Public service. We are open on holidays, and at all times, based on the availability of a Notary Public and scheduling conflicts with prior appointments. As we have families and spend time doing things besides notarizing, there are times when last minute requests may not be able to be fulfilled. Request an appointment time and day as soon as you can to ensure that availability will be open for you and to guarantee that your mobile Notary Service is confirmed. We will try our best to accommodate and fulfill late night, last minute, and holiday Notary service requests.