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Find a Mobile Notary Public in San Francisco

Mobile Notary Public finding in San Francisco can be difficult if you are not seasoned in utilizing Notary Services, or sometimes the companies are just not answering or unwilling to accommodate your appointment. We attempt to make the process as easy as possible once you find us and call us.

If you have never utilized Notary Public services in the past, it can be very confusing finding one, and obtain and compare pricing and services offered. Many clients do not realize Mobile service is available in which the Notary Public will come to you to perform the notarization instead of going to an office.

There are many notaries throughout California that offer different types of notarization, such as mobile service or in office services, as well as different pricing models. Many notaries do not ask you about your specific documents and provide you an estimate total cost, they usually say Travel fee + $15 per signature. But many people do not realize each document counts as a separate signature, and each person signing each document counts as a separate signature as well. By asking many questions, we are able to understand your notarization needs and explain to you what your cost will actually be.

We also advise clients of their particular needs once we understand them, so that they can supply the information to other notaries if they desire to price compare.

A good way to locate San Francisco Mobile Notary service is to use Yelp, Google, and try to locate where the notaries are based out of, if they are closer to you, the service is likely to be cheaper due to the travel fee. Our mobile Notary Fees in San Francisco are structured differently than most notaries, and are based on distance travelled, and includes the travel fee and UP TO four (4) signatures being notarized as a flat rate. The fee is the same whether one or four signatures, and only increases if there are more than 4 signatures to be notarized, in which case it will be $5 extra per signature over 4. The more signatures you have, the more we can save you when compared to $15 per Notary Fee at a stationary office.

We understand clients needs to have a knowledgable, affordable, and professional San Francisco Mobile Notary Public Service. We are always willing to assist in finding the best individual solution for each clients requests, based on pricing, availability, and amount of notarizations needed. If we are unable to accommodate you due to scheduling conflict, or distance we are always willing to refer you to another notary that we know will provide outstanding services to you closer to your area. We strive to provide the best experience for our clients, whether it be signing with us, a referral company, or pointing you to a local UPS store.